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Language Slang Free Essays

Language is one of those circles of human movement that are the first to carry response to social and different sorts of changes in human life and exercises. Language may even follow or go with these progressions as well as motivation them. Each social or political change, unrest, advancement, presentation of new words and terms is reflected in paper distributions. We will compose a custom exposition test on Language Slang or then again any comparative theme just for you Request Now An incredible number of individuals, over 70%, read papers everyday[1 5]. Andto keep such an enormous number of individuals perusing, the paper must be anything but difficult to peruse and comprehend. Utilizing a sort of discourse that individuals se regular is a simple method to achieve that. Utilizing casual discourse ought to likewise be utilized relying upon the crowd that is perusing a paper article[1 1,125-126]. Informal discourse ought to likewise be utilized if an article is composed for kids or young people. An adolescent would better identify with â€Å"Hey, what’s up? † than â€Å"Greetings. How are you this fine September evening? † Because they can identify with it, they are bound to comprehend the content and continue perusing. Not just adolescents and kids utilize this kind of language. Numerous grown-ups still use words like â€Å"radar† and â€Å"e-mail†; both of them are formal English[1 5]. That is the reason the subject of this research project is of an incredible significance. The significance of the research paper iscaused bypermanent improvement of language. While doing our exploration we will consider crafted by such researchers as Arnold I. V. , Galperin I. R. , Rayevska N. M, Kukharenko V. A. , Antrushyna H. B. what's more, different researchers, who have just made an extraordinary commitment to exploring everyday jargon and paper style. The errand of this research project is to introduce the utilization of conversational words in British and American papers. The point of the research paper is to break down the informal jargon in English papers. To accomplish the previously mentioned reason the accompanying destinations are built up: to examine the hypothetical material which is identified with the subject of the research paper; - to break down the papers of Great Britain and USA with the point of choosing uncommon informal words; - to characterize the predominant piece of everyday jargon winning among the papers. The object of the research paper is lexical units speaking to conversational English jargon. The subject of the research project is the investigation of the eculiarities of informal jargon of English papers. The material for the examination is taken from various paper articles in the accompanying British and American papers: The Gurdian, The New York Times, The Daily mirror, The Sun. In this research project thefollowing techniques for examine have been utilized: - the strategy for examination and amalgamation; - elucidating strategy. The strategy for examination is utilized to break a mind boggling subject into littler parts to increase a superior comprehension of it. The strategy for union is utilized to consolidate separate components of research so as to frame a sound entirety. Clear strategy is utilized o present the image of a marvels under investigation. Step by step instructions to refer to Language Slang, Essays

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Reflection essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 9

Reflection - Essay Example Clearly, development has seen the trade in social practices and exercises. Best practices have consistently been traded since the time the acknowledgment of the social decent variety. Individuals from various societies will in general become familiar with the acts of different societies and use the exercises for individual and cultural advantages. Be that as it may, the social decent variety doesn't imply that societies are unique. Surely, the variety ascribes to the nearness of likenesses and contrasts in the human culture. This paper will utilize the human studies focal point in showing the social varieties utilizing two-course books. It will expound the social varieties between the American hip jump gathering and a Japanese hip bounce gathering The creator expounds on the assorted variety between the Japanese society and American culture with respect to their discernment to hip bounce music. All the while, it clarifies how a culture and music that starts most of the way around the globe is appropriated and changed inside the Tokyo clubs and the chronicle studios. All the while, the Japanese social decent variety and the remainder of the world are illustrated. The book portrays hip bounce as an acknowledged classification of music in the American culture while it is as yet discovering its ground in Japan. Clearly, the hip jump scene in Japan is lively. In this manner, the a significant number of the Japanese are pondering the music kind to come important in the music business and clubs in Tokyo. As a mirrored social practice, the Japanese can't reshape hip jump into a Japanese item. Or maybe, they attempt to copy the entire bundle of the American rappers. This incorporates the utilization of unfavorable terms, cadence (Condr y 137). This shows the Japanese language doesn't relate to the hip bounce nature of music. The hip jump class requires the rappers to stream with the beats and bode well out of a specific mood. In this way, the two societies change in language, and that impacts their music industry. From the chronicle appears,

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What do the TOEFL Independent Writing Questions Look Like

What do the TOEFL Independent Writing Questions Look Like Most students have a pretty good understanding of what the two TOEFL writing questions require them to do. Everyone knows that the TOEFL independent writing question asks them to write an essay that describes their personal opinion about a given topic. Moreover, they all know that the integrated writing question asks them to compare an article about an academic topic to a lecture about the same topic. If they are smart, they even know that the lecture always opposes the reading.But do you know that ETS (the makers of the test) use some really common patterns when designing the questions every week? That these questions have really predictable forms and structures? Today I want to talk about some of the forms that ETS uses when designing the independent essay question.If you can learn these structures before taking the test your job might be a bit easier on test day. At the very least you will avoid being surprised by what you get. Oh, and dont worry. Ill talk about the integrated ess ay in a few days time. It is also super predictable.Obsolete Question StylesBefore I actually describe the question styles you will get on the test, I want to talk about a few styles that arent actually used anymore. A problem a lot of students face is that even the Official Guide to the TOEFL mentions several styles that ETS has eliminated in recent years.First of all, you likely wont get a compare and contrast question in the independent writing section. Heres one such question right from the Official Guide:Compare and contrast your life with that of your parents. Which do you think will be more satisfying for future generations.Yes, that is in the Official Guide (and some poorly written textbooks). However, you arent going to be asked to compare and contrast anything on the real test.Next up, you wont get a characteristics of question on the real test. Heres one from the Official Guide:Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a g ood neighbor.Nope! Youll never be asked to mention the characteristics, traits of features of anything!Third, you wont get a causes of question. Heres one of those again, from the official guide:In general, people are living longer these days. Describe the causes of this phenomenon.That sounds like a really interesting question, but it wont show up on the test. You will never be asked to talk about the causes of anything.Okay, those are the most popular obsolete styles. So what will you get on the actual test?Current Question Style #1: Agree/DisagreeThe most common question type in the independent writing section is the agree/disagree style question. In this type you are presented with a short statement and asked if you agree or disagree with it. Heres one:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Children should be required to follow strict rules set by their parents. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.Heres another:Do you agree or disagree with t he following statement? The widespread use of the Internet today has a positive effect on society. Use details and examples to support your opinion.Heck, heres one more:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Sometimes it is better to not tell the truth. Use details and examples to support your opinion, dude.Simple, right? You are given a statement and asked if you agree or disagree with it. Just remember to actually pick a side. Dont support both sides!Current Question Style #2: PreferenceThe second most common question type is the preference style question. This type requires you to choose from between two opinions regarding some topic. Heres one:Some people feel that high school students should be required to do volunteer work in their free time. Others think that they should spend their free time studying and preparing for classes. Which do you think is better? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.Heres another:Some students prefer to study for tests alone. Others prefer to study with some of their classmates. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.Do you see what I mean? You are presented with two opinions and you must choose which one you prefer or think is better.Current Question Style #3: Three ChoicesThe last question style is the three choices style. This one is pretty straightforward. You must choose from between three given choices. Heres one such question:In your opinion, which of the following strategies is the best way for a student to prepare for a successful career?-Studying specific academic subjects-Taking a part-time job-Getting to know other studentsUse specific reasons and examples to support your answer.Heres one more:When a person is deciding what subject to focus on at college or university, which do you think is the best source of advice?-their current classmates-their teachers and professors-their parentsUse specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Final ThoughtsAnd thats it. As far as I know, ETS only really uses those three question styles. If you get something different, though, please let me know. If you want to know how to actually write this essay you can check out my guide to the independent task.You got this.

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The Theory Of Organizational Behavior - 1861 Words

In organizational behavior, there are many topics researched. Motivation happens to be the most researched (Robbins Judge, 2014, p. 96). According to Robbins and Judge (2014), motivation includes the processes accounting for a person’s intensity, persistence of effort, and direction toward completing a goal (p. 97). The three concepts capturing the essence of motivation include hope, action, and vision. Pinder’s (2008) findings explained the following: Hope is one of many energizing internal forces that can arouse an individual towards action. Vision provides direction for the person’s actions as well as the sense of conviction and tenacity to persist when the going gets tough. Finally, action itself is what brings about change in a person’s circumstances, such as those of Dr. Frank O’Dea when he realized that he would not survive long unless he radically changed his and, along the way, the lives of countless beneficiaries in Canada and abroad (p. 3). It is easy to discuss the different theories pertaining to motivation such as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, theory X and theory Y, the two-factor theory, and McClelland’s theory of needs (Robbins Judge, 2014). However, there is more to motivation such as the job characteristics model, work motivation, and rewards used to inspire employees. Job design outlines the manner in which elements of a job are categorized and arranged and how they decrease or increase effort. It also suggests what the elements are. (Robbins Show MoreRelatedOrganizational Theory and Behavior6990 Words   |  28 PagesOrganizational Theory and Behavior  © 1993, David S. Walonick, Ph.D. Classical Organization Theory Classical organization theory evolved during the first half of this century. It represents the merger of scientific management, bureaucratic theory, and administrative theory. Frederick Taylor (1917) developed scientific management theory (often called Taylorism) at the beginning of this century. His theory had four basic principles: 1) find the one best way to perform each task, 2) carefullyRead MoreTheories of Organizational Behavior10512 Words   |  43 PagesRevisiting the Classical theories Introduction Organization indexes considerably more than the structures that lifts us out of ‘bare life’. Organization is also intimately, and utterly, connected to thought. While many, and by no means just those in the West, think of themselves as ‘free’ from enslavement by others, and even free from the organization of the state, who can argue that they are also free from the pervasive effects of language, culture and science? These are matters into whichRead MoreOrganizational Behavior Theory : Trait Theory1373 Words   |  6 Pages Organizational Behavior Theory: Trait Theory Michael Sinnett MGT500 – Organizational Behavior Colorado State University – Global Campus Dr. Larry Key September 24, 2017â€Æ' Organizational Behavior Theory: Trait Theory There are so many aspects that make up human behavior. For example, a person s environment and their genetics are a couple of aspects that make up an individual s behavior. Therefore, it would make sense that when you have a group of individuals together there would be just asRead MoreApplying Organizational Behavior Theory? Essay1280 Words   |  6 PagesApplying Organizational Behavior Theory Ahmed Salman Argosy University September, 23, 2015 Applying Organizational Behavior Theory Introduction Organizational behavior entails the study of individual and also group performance and their interactions and ability to work in groups. It aims at identifying major problems that affects performance within the teams to work together, in a bid to develop a more efficient business operation (Hiriyappa, 2009). It relies heavily on organizational culturesRead MoreOrganizational Theory and Behavior Essay626 Words   |  3 PagesOrganizational Theory and Behavior Homework #3 October 9, 2007 What advancement barriers did Lisa encounter? Although Lisa Weber was a highly qualified, ambitious analyst for the firm, she never had a chance for advancement because of that glass ceiling. The idea of becoming a partner was always visible, but never attainable because of the various obstacles she had to face. The same obstacles most women face when trying to climb the corporate ladder. Several barriers stood in Lisa’s pathRead MoreOrganizational Behavior Theory Essay3878 Words   |  16 PagesMGT 332 Organizational Behavior Theory Worksheet – Chapter 5 Name_____________________________________________ Banner# ____________________________ Date: ______________   Ã¢â‚¬ ¨ Directions: Circle the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1.  _____ represent(s) complex, patterned, organismic reactions to how we think we are doing in our lifelong efforts to survive and flourish and to achieve what we wish for ourselves.   A.  Self-efficacy B.  Skills C.  IntelligenceRead MoreQuestions On Organizational Theory And Behavior1459 Words   |  6 Pages COURSE: ORGANISATIONAL THEORY AND BEHAVIOR COURSE CODE: MGT 4020 INSTRUCTOR: DR. SIKALEI DAMARY GROUP ONE INTERNET EXERCISE: ORGANISATIONAL CONTEXT: DESIGN AND CULTURE MEMBERS ID NO GITATA IAN MWANGI 639068 MBEERA KEITH 641323 NDERITU SUSAN NJERI Read MoreOrganizational Behavior- Motivation Theories1023 Words   |  5 Pagesformal groups, the behaviors that one should engage in are stipulated by and directed toward organizational goals. Informal groups are alliances that are neither formally structured nor organizationally determined. These groups are natural formations in the work environment that appear in response to the need for social contact. (Pages 123-124) 135. Differentiate the terms role identity, role perception, and role expectation. There are certain attitudes and actual behaviors consistent with aRead MoreThe Theory, Organizational Behaviors, And The Interconnectedness Of Employees1221 Words   |  5 Pagesculture and behaviors from an occurred situation. This includes the organization realizing a repeated pattern of behaviors that is not growing or helping the organization in the right direction. When organizations admit to certain truths or facts and acknowledge flawed behaviors, then change can start. Organizations attempt to change by restructuring and reorganizing the company. Organizations learn only through individuals who learn. Individual learning does not guarantee organizational learning butRead MoreManagement, Organizational Behavior, And The Systems Theory963 Words   |  4 Pagesbut contemporary approaches to management aim to do just that. The sociotechnical theory, quantitative management, organizational behavior, a nd the systems theory all work in different ways to maintain a sort of balance within the businesses internal, competitive and macroenviroments. Keeping all areas of the open system balanced is essential for any manager to have a successful business. The sociotechnical theory was developed in the early 1950’s and was designed to refine the social environment

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Counter Reformation and Art History - 641 Words

The Reformation was a religious movement that divided the church between the Catholics and Protestants. The Counter-Reformation was a reaction movement that followed this originally crusade, and was lead by the Catholics as a response to the wide spread of Protestantism. The purpose of the Counter-Reformation was to spawn internal reforms. This movement was focused on the renewal of the church in the form of the use of images, focus on the church as the house of God, and the veneration of the Virgin Mary and Saints. The Counter-Reformation was responsible for the start of major change in the Catholic Church and with regard to the role of art; the importance of art was heightened and the movement sought out to restore Catholicism and make is more attractive, thus emerged the Baroque style. As means to start such reform, Pope Paul III, initiated The Council of Trent. The gathering amongst high-ranking churchmen took place from 1545-1563 and was held for two primary purposes. The council was mustered to determine a plan to combat Protestantism and how Catholics would compromise with them and to reform the Catholic Church by clarification of the doctrine and define the central articles of faith. Through The Council of Trent, the strength of the Catholic doctrine increased, and there became a higher stress placed on the importance of the visual arts. The council was successful in developing a doctrine that outlined the difference between Protestantism and Catholicism and createdShow MoreRelatedThe Transformational Century And Historical Sources And Tools Essay1409 Words   |  6 Pagesthe generations, and/or physical items that have survived the ages (Sources and Tools of History, 2016). While many societies did not have written records until the last two century’s , there are many different sources of written history once societies became literate, such as personal diaries/letters and official government records (Sources and Tools of History, 2016). Due to the shortage of written history for events earlier than two centuries ago, historians are forced to rely on oral accountsRead MoreThe Baroque Era848 Words   |  4 PagesA’Miya Williams World History Since 1500 Professor Pinder 1 October 2015 Summative Essay The Baroque Era occurred from 1590 to 1725 AD in various parts of Europe. Its style was very different from its predecessor’s, the Renaissance, focus on antiquity. It was not until the Reformation that the Baroque style took its place in history as a momentous period. During the Reformation, people broke from the almighty Roman Catholic Church and created their own form of Christian faith, Protestantism. ThisRead MoreThe Holy Family With Saints Anne And John The Baptist, 1592 ( Oil On Canvas )1296 Words   |  6 PagesThe painting The Holy Family with Saints Anne and John the Baptist, 1592 (oil on canvas) was created by Italian painter Sofonisba Anguissola (c.1532-1625). It is currently held at the Collection of the Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, as a gift from Mrs. Forbes Hawkes and Bridgeman Images. This painting is among the unique pious narrative paintings by Anguissola. â€Å"The Holy Family† is the last dated painting by the artist. It was executed when sh e had just returned to Italy after spending 14Read MoreFinal Exam Studyguide Essay668 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿History of Art 3521: Introduction to Italian Renaissance Art Final Study Guide I decided to prepare this sheet as a short description of some of the important themes that we’ve taken up in lecture in the second half of the quarter. In preparation for our final, I would recommend reviewing your notes and textbook, putting together answers to each of these. Indeed, if you have good answers in your head (making use of examples shown in class) for each question, you should do well. 1. How wasRead MoreThe Art Of Reformation By Martin Luther985 Words   |  4 PagesAnalytical Paper: The Art of Reformation The year 1517 is claimed by Christianity to be the original spark of a reformation that changed the face of the most prevalent religion in the western world, beginning in Germany and soon enveloping the known world in an upheaval of beliefs and values. However, due to the fact that Protestant faiths became their own religious, social and political powers, the correct term for this movement would not be ‘reformation’ but in fact ‘revolution’. The so-calledRead MoreEssay on Formal Analysis and Historical Context of Artwork1552 Words   |  7 Pagesmasterpiece, Venus and Adonis, is not only a significant artwork of the baroque-period in Europe during the seventeenth century, but it also tells the mythological story that begins with love, and ends in tragedy. Displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this painting is admired for representing the unique baroque-style of this era, as well as Rubens’ particular use of the medium and how it reaches those who are viewing it. His attention to detail and crafty use of symbolism within the painting assistRead MoreThe Catholic Reformation And The Jewish Torah1229 Words   |  5 PagesReligion has been altered and developed throughout history. Christianity developed based on the Jewish Torah, also known as the Old Testament in the bible. Likewise, Christianity itself has evolved over the centuries. In order to survive, it has had to change and adapt. Not only have many rel igions and branches of Christianity become extinct over the centuries, but Christianity has also had to merge with the cultures of other religions. For example, Christmas was not originally a Christian holidayRead MoreThe Effect Censorship has on Art Essay examples943 Words   |  4 PagesThough out history artist have rejected any forms of censorship. Governments have had to enforce censorship laws for the sake of public safety. As well, as to maintain control of society and to uphold the moral and ethical values that the populous demands. Whether you are for or against censorship in art, it serves a useful purpose in moderation, but it can be taken to extremes. Whether it’s a fascist government or a extremist religious organization it is easy for a controversial law to be twistedRead MoreEssay on Michelangelo and Renaissance Religion1148 Words   |  5 Pagesupheaval of the Reformation. His art portrays this change in religious philosophy by discerning the major tren ds and objectives of the Renaissance. His works show us...the changing world around him (Richmond 4). In addition, Michelangelo seriously impacted generations of artists to come. The Renaissance was a rebirth that led to new ways of thinking in the sciences, philosophy, and architecture, as well as painting and sculpture (Spence 6). This period of European history, beginning inRead MoreMusic as Propaganda in the German Reformation1059 Words   |  5 PagesMusic as Propaganda in the German Reformation The reformation was a religious and political movement that took place in the year 1517. This movement was spread by the Cristian humanist Martin Luther, when he posted his â€Å"Ninety Five Theses†. The reformation itself is one of those things everybody has heard about but no one quite understands, even nowadays, 500 years after this movement occurred. The main reason for this movement is unknown, however, some causes are being slowly known. First of all

American Well Case Writeup Free Essays

American Well, a pioneer in online healthcare is at the crucial stage where the business opportunities look propitious at the same time it could make the company lose its perspective. It has the first-mover advantage with strong core competency. But still, some of the questions concerning the future of the company do needs to be addressed. We will write a custom essay sample on American Well Case Writeup or any similar topic only for you Order Now Some of the main questions that American Well faces are 1. Introducing the product to new customer segments 2. Capturing the international market 3. Pushing the products beyond health care industry. American well is currently serving the connectivity between patients and physicians. The new product â€Å"Team Edition† will serve the connectivity between primary care physicians (PCPs) and the specialist. They are also considering the prospect of online health care to Hospitals, Retail clinics and Pharmacies. The adverse effect is it could be too soon for American Well to launch a new undertaking, given their core services has not yet been adopted widely. Furthermore, this requires new hiring and additional funding. Stepping back has its own drawback of failing to capture the opportunity when there was demand. Meeting real-time excess demand with real-time excess capacity is a whole new world to be explored not only in health care but in many other industries. Also, the need for online health care has a great demand oversees too and American Well can explore its business in these new countries and can become a world leader in delivering virtual healthcare services in a many-to-many platform. Even though it is true that American Well has all the ideas and advantages – the main disadvantage is the lack of infrastructure and the awareness of an internet-based health service. There is still a lot of opportunities and work needed to be done with its present venture and stepping big foot too soon cannot be as beneficial for the company as it sounds. The â€Å"Team Edition† is an innovative product and the American Well should concentrate on its existing customer base i. e. the payers. They should probably do extensive market research on all these new opportunities. A research team could be formed including members from American Well and personnel from top insurance companies to explore the scope of extending its services to hospitals and pharmacies. They should wait for the â€Å"spending freezes† to be over and need to analyze on how the new health reforms will affect the existing organization. Another conceivable strategy could be a hybrid of Direct-To-Customer model and Business-To-Business model. American Well can establish a DTC model where they would directly sign up patients and doctors to a nationwide system along with their existing B2B model. This will cover more customer base. The short term goal How to cite American Well Case Writeup, Papers

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This Theory Of The Universe Is Based On The Ideas Of A Caveman, Named

This theory of the universe is based on the ideas of a caveman, named that lived many thousands of years before the birth of Christ. His observations were made only through the use of his body, for there were no tools to aid him in his findings. His findings were based on his observations and the accepted views of the world during his lifetime. This is what he had to say: The earth was the center of the universe. This is an absolute, indisputable fact because it is obvious that the moon, sun, and other heavanly objects travel in paths around the earth. This is true, to the fact that certain objects appear in different parts of the sky at different times during either day or night. The shape of the universe is a large sphere. The outside boundary of the sphere is known as The Great Realm, this is where the stars are located. Between the realm and earth is a large void of space in which the moons, sun, moon spheres, and the larger stars are located. In the universe the earth is the only stationary object, except fot the great Fire Star. All other objects move around the earth. The earth is a sphere that is suspended in space, and the outer sphere rotates around it. There are holes in The Great Realm which give us a glimpse of heaven. The color depends on the area of heaven being viewed and what is contained there, and which god is watching. These holes, known as stars, let the gods see through and when someone pleases them their sole will go there, for it is a beautiful land of magnificant colors. The fact that The Great Realm is rotating around the earth explains why the stars move across the sky but still keep the same reference to one another. Sometimes, a star wil appear that hadn't been there before. This is due to the fact that someone in heaven wants to view the earth but can't get to look through the other stars. The other heavanly objects are located in the void of space between earth and the The Great Realm. The sun, is the huge, flaming sphere that moves around the earth in an irregular pattern that goes from the east to the west. The sun revolves at more of an angle than the others. The sun's pathed must be fueled by explosions of energy from within it. The energy is higher in the day, proven by the fact that the sun is goes higher and higher into the sky and stops around the middle of the day. The energy starts to decrease after that because the sun goes lower in the sky until sunset at night. During the night the sun is on the other side of the earth, where we can't see it. There it gathers the energy it will use the next day to go across the sky. Since it continues to travel around the earth, is rises and sets in the same directions everyday. In the summer months the sun is closer to the earth which helps it gain energy from the earth's heat. This allows the sun to use up this energy to move itself farther from the earth during the cold winter months. Since the sun is farther away it moves out of sight in a shorter time period, which makes these days shorter than the summer. While in the summer, the sun is attracted to the warm earth and is close to the earth. This results in longer days during the summer. The larger stars which are known as planets, like the sun, travel in irregular paths around the earth. Unlike the other stars, they are located in the void of space. The planets are like earth but have different terrains to them. The make-up of their terrains is what causes there color. The one that is red is obviously covered in volcanoes and that the redness is all lava. They can usually be seen at sunrise and sunset, which is when they are brightest. They are similar to earth but aren't as important to the gods. That is why they move around the earth, and aren't stationary.